Friday, November 5, 2010

Advert in the New Glabilgathol

Explosive substances are something that have been greatly researched by the Rockfist clan at the behest of the Brimstone Mining Clan. The ultimate goals were to create safer and more compact explosive compounds.

Our brilliant Ratchet has adapted a few of these choice compounds into a weapon with destructive powers only seen in the likes of those foul Mages. So come battling dwarfs get your PMS today!

Design: A Hollow metal tube acts as a container for many explosive missiles. The missile has two key parts the 'engine' a thick wrapped cardboard tube filled with a slow burning gunpowder and a pointed head containing a much more explosive powder ignited at the end of flight. The top of the containing tube has a launching guided with distances scored down its length. Simply cut the 'engine' tube on the missile to the desired length of travel before explosion and watch as your enemies succumb to explosive doom!


  • Low Powered Explosive (5d6 damage)- 46 CR [4600gp]
  • Medium Powered Explosive (8d6 damage) - 73 CR [7300gp]
  • Highest Powered Explosive (10d6 damage) - 91 CR [9100gp]

  • Due to the limited capacity of the tube only 20 missiles can be contained.
  • If you return the missile tube for refilling a 100gp discount will be given.

Reduce Reuse Recycle.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Welcome to The Wand and Bucket, a dingy little tavern in the International Zone of great city-state of Gabilgathol (The Dwarven Democratic Republic of Gabilgathol - DDRG).